We, Rhino Energy have a range of solutions that include using photovoltaic , solar thermal and other devices to engineer:

  • Fully autonomous systems ( no connection to an external electrical energy supply)
  • Partially autonomous systems (a mixture of external and internal electrical supplies)
  • Hybrid systems using more than one technology
  • Customised systems

Our Solutions help you achieve energy self- sufficiency via the use of green energy: The tangibles in our business are to provide a solution that equates to best practices be it from a technology perspective, standards, design and life cycle reliability.

Some tangible solutions include (but are not limited to):

  • Solar thermal water heating or cooling of a private residence to industrial scale
  • Standby systems that exclude fossil fuel IC generators
  • Load capping or peak demand management renewable systems
  • Total (or partial ) load switch to a renewable system
  • Small to large utility energy solutions for residential or industrial complexes
  • Energy demand reduction applications, including natural light harvesting, LED lights, SABS-accredited insulation, energy efficient showerheads, heat pumps, etc., through the Rhino Group.