A solutions-centric approach dictates the need to first assess current and/or anticipated energy consumption and the underlying drivers thereof [mix of appliances, lighting or machinery as applicable] as is possible to more cost effectively swop out to more energy efficient alternatives versus solely investing in renewable power generation to meet the required energy needs.

The inclusion of Rhino Energy Solutions within the Rhino Group provides us with a unique, compelling and competitive position to thus provide such a resultant and comprehensive integrated solution.

Products and solutions offered by the Rhino Group include: heat pumps, solar water heaters, LED lights, SABS-accredited roofing insulation, natural light harvesting and other greenbuilding solutions.

They also offer a comprehensive range of water [including effluent] treatment & purification, rainwater harvesting, storage, irrigation, ozonation and related solutions that are very often equally required by new developments, especially rural or eco-estates.

Due to their historic involvement with supplying into the construction sector, they possess a very good understanding of the New Building Regulations that place enhanced demands on energy & water efficiencies of new buildings, often working closely with developers and their architects in this regard.

Their website is www.rhinoplastics.co.za and the relevant contact persons are:

Rob Johnstone
Gayle Williams
robj@rhinoplastics.co.za gayle@rhinoplastics.co.za
O: 041 451 3197 O: 041 451 3197